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Drowes Salmon Fishery News

Solar Eclipse

20 March 2015

The water level has dropped to 0.67 metres on the gauge following an almost entirely dry week with night frosts. Fishing has been a little steadier in the past week. Pauric Patton had a 7lbs fish on a green bodied Willie Gunn from the Upper Mill Pool on Friday 13th. On Saturday 14th Dermot Mc Neice had an 11.5lbs fish on prawn from the Meadow, there was another fish of around 7lbs on prawn from the Blackwater and Michael Mc Loughlin had a 7lbs fish on flying c from Tinkers. On Monday Brian Mc Evoy had an 8lbs fish on a 3 inch yellow belly from the Mill Pool and Paul Mc Causland had an 8lbs fish on worm from the Upper Mill Pool. On Wednesday Paddy Doherty had an 8lbs fish on black flying c from Tinkers and Paul Mc Leod had an 12lbs fish on prawn from the Money Hole. On Thursday Paul Magowan had 2 fish in 3 casts from the Blackwater on prawn on his first day out of the season. He returned a 6lbs fish and 2 casts later landed a 13 ponder. Later in the day both Paul and his father lost a fish apiece at the Money Hole. Also on Thursday Julian Ciconte had an 11lbs fish on flying c from the High Bank. At time of writing, lunchtime today, 2 fish have been landed. Trevor Doherty had an 8lbs fish on a green butt Cascade from the Cascades and a fish of about 9lbs was taken at the Money Hole on prawn.
There is a new moon today and the high tides up to the middle of next week should see a continued run of fish.
The forecast is for settled weather over the weekend turning wetter and colder at the start of next week.

A glimpse of the solar eclipse through cloudy skies this morning.

Pauric Patton with his fish from the Upper Mill last Friday.

The Green Willie Gunn that took the fish for Pauric.

Dermot Mc Neice with his fish from the Meadow on Saturday.

Michael Mc Loughlin with his fish from Tinkers on Saturday.

Tides for March.

Paul Mc Causland with his fish from the Upper Mill on Monday.

Weather Forecast From Met Eireann
Mist and drizzle across the south of the country will continue to clear, and it will be generally dry this afternoon with cloud gradually thinning-out and more sunshine developing. Highest temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees with northwesterly breezes.

Cold and dry overnight under broken cloud. Touches of frost in places and patchy mist and fog as well. Lowest temperatures of 0 to 3 degrees.

Mostly dry and bright tomorrow with good sunshine through the day and highest temperatures of 9 to 12 degrees.

OUTLOOK: Reasonably settled for the rest of weekend but weather fronts will break through early next week, bringing some rain and showers, most of which will affect the west and northwest, turning cooler also but with good sunshine at times too.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Dry and cold under broken cloud; lowest temperatures of -2 to + 2 degrees Celsius in light northerly breezes. A slight to sharp frost will set in along with some icy stretches. Mist and fog patches too.

SUNDAY: A cold start with frost and any fog clearing to give a dry day with sunny spells, but it is likely to be a little cloudier at times in the south and west. Temperatures will climb to a fairly pleasant 9 to 13 degrees Celsius, with best values across the north midlands. Southwest winds will be no more than moderate in strength.

MONDAY: A frost free but mostly cloudy start with scattered outbreaks of light rain in the morning, clearing to good sunshine and well scattered showers. Amounts of rain will be minimal, with parts of the south and east escaping nearly fully dry. A cooler day, with highest temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius, with moderate, occasionally fresh west to northwest breezes.

TUESDAY: Cool and bright with frost to begin, again good sunshine through the day. However scattered showers will occur too, most frequent across Atlantic counties, with a risk of hail; and thunder in these parts. A breezy day, with fresh and gusty northwest breezes; afternoon highs will range a rather cool 7 to 9 degrees Celsius

Today’s Temperatures.
Water 6.98c
Air 8c

Wind N 13
Humidity 90%
Pressure 1029(hPa)

Live readings from the gauge at the Four Masters’ Bridge can be viewed online here Water Level

Brian Mc Evoy with his fish from the Mill Pool on Monday.

The corner of the Blackwater this morning.

Paul Mc Leod with his fish from the Money Hole on Wednesday.

Paddy Doherty with his fish from Tinkers on Wednesday

Herringbone (Cirrocumulus) clouds at the Red Roof yesterday evening

This week has had a real touch of spring with sunshine and rising temperatures

Paul Magowan with his fish from the Blackwater on Thursday

Julian Ciconte with his 11lbs fish from the High Bank on Thursday
Photo courtesy Julian Ciconte

Near darkness during this mornings eclipse

Trevor Doherty with his fish from the Cascades today

Salmon Fishing in Ireland

Shane Gallagher



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