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Super Moon, Not So Super Fishing

9 September 2014

Today’s full moon is particularly bright and close to earth, a so called supermoon, bringing the highest tides of the year. The water level in the river has rarely been above 0.4 metres throughout what has been one of the most prolonged periods of low water in many years. The low water conditions have had a serious impact on grilse fishing, making what appears to be an already poor grilse run even more difficult for angling. Even the fish that are present, and there are large numbers of fish in the lower stretches, have been exceptionally dour since arrival and are now even more so as they are growing quite coloured. Fishing effort has been very low for the past weeks as everyone awaits the rain that is so badly needed but proving so elusive as we enjoy an Indian summer, forecast to last until the middle of the month. There have been occasions for celebration amid the gloom of difficult conditions though, with a number of younger anglers recording their first ever salmon and some more seasoned hands recording their first on fly.

Lough Melvin at Lareen Bay. The water level has almost retreated beyond the water level gauge

Above the New Bridge this evening. Not a breeze in bright Autumnal sun, pretty but terrible fishing conditions.

Trout Fishing has offered sport for those weary of chasing silver. This bag from yesterday evening taken by a visiting French party were all over a pound.

Tides for September .

Weather Forecast From Met Eireann
Dry and fairly clear overnight. Cold, with lowest temperatures of 2 to 7 C., lowest in rural areas, with a slight grass frost developing. Some patches of mist and fog will form also.
Mist and fog will clear early tomorrow morning and it will be another dry and mostly fine day, with good sunny spells. Top temperatures 17 to 21 C., best in the Midwest and West. Winds light to moderate southeast to easterly.

Pleasant for the rest of the week. High pressure will remain in charge; bringing dry, bright, settled weather and above normal temperatures
(best in the west). Mist or fog locally by night in near calm, but grass frosts are unlikely.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Dry with long clear spells but some mist and fog in parts too, possibly down along Irish Sea coasts with light easterly breezes. Lowest temperatures 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, coolest in the northwest of the country.

THURSDAY: The day should hold fully dry with good spells of sunshine and light east to southeast breezes. Overnight mist or fog clearing early on. Mild or warm with highest temperatures of 17 to 20 or 21 degrees Celsius, with mildest conditions across the north and west.

FRIDAY: Again most areas holding fully dry, bright, however sunshine will be more hazy and there is the chance of a few isolated showers (southwest most at risk). Highest temperatures 17 to 20 degrees Celsius, best in the west. Southeast breezes will be light to moderate in strength.

THIS WEEKEND: Likely to stay dry and settled, with spells of hazy sunshine and light easterly breezes. Slightly warmer even on Saturday but temperatures possibly falling back slightly on Sunday. All the while, temperatures will be highest in the west owing to an easterly breeze.

Drowes Webcam

Today’s Temperatures.
Water 15c
Air 16c

Wind E 03
Humidity 91%
Pressure 1022 (hPa)

Live readings from the gauge at the Four Masters’ Bridge can be viewed online here Water Level

Some Pics From The Summer

Kevin from France with his fish from the Eel Weir today.

Low water is a great time for getting to know a river. Every rock showing below Tinkers today.

Boats at the ready for Melvin.

Sunset at the Sea Pools.

Salmon Fishing in Ireland

Shane Gallagher



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